Hero Grinder

Tough, Durable, Grinders built to last, HERO style

Hero Grinders are made with medical grade aluminum these guys are built to last. And even come with a life long guarantee of their blades! And now with a larger loading capacity, allowing you to bust more, and doing so with minimal effort! Grind on friends!

Built to bust and grind! Compact buds easily turn into fluffy, separate pieces that will roll easily, or fill any of our HERO LOVE vaporizers and bongs! The world is your oyster, fill it with the help of your HERO grinder today!

Grind 1

2.5″  diameter 4 Part Aluminum Grinder

Grind 2

Medical Grade Aluminum with a life long guarantee on blades!

Grind 3

New bottom design allows for an easy clean, a scraper is included for an even easier clean!

Grind 4

Available in five awesome colors; Space Grey, Red, Silver, Champagne and Signature Black!

What our customers are saying about their HERO grinder!

“A good grinder is an essential piece to every set up. My HERO grinder allows me to bust even the most compact of buds easily. And discretely stores any extra for next time!”

Brittney. S

Customer service rep.

“I love the new larger blade layout, its really effortless twisting the blades. Plus, busting more at once just makes sense to me!”

Sarah. T

Travel Agent

“The separate compartments are a real treat, The convenience of having a storage for already busted bud and keifer collector is a top notch addition.”

Tyler. J


We want you to feel how effortless it is to use our 4 part HERO aluminum grinder.  With the lifetime guarantee on blades, its an easy choice. Get yours today!

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