Cleaning your grinder;

Proper cleaning and care of your grinder will allow for easy, effortless grinding. Here we will go over a few key points and tools used to clean your new grinder.

When you purchase a new grinder, its a pretty good idea to give it a quick clean with some isopropyl alcohol. Take apart all four parts, and give each piece a peak to make sure there is not aluminum shavings stuck anywhere. Give it a quick wipe with the alcohol, using a q-tip to get in between the blades. After words, give it a rinse with some warm water and let dry.

You will need a couple tools for cleaning your grinder, you’ll need: Isopropyl Alcohol, Q-tips, a plate, and a small brush of some sort. I like to use a clean mascara brush, small paintbrushes work as well. Over the plate, you will want to take apart your buster, keep that bottom keif holder separate. Now you will want to take each piece and lightly tap it to release any loose keif that may be on there. Take your brush and around the threads and over the screen. Careful not to push hard on the screen. Tap the pieces again. Now dip your Q-tip in the iso, and run it thru the teeth/blades and around the threads. Wipe pieces with iso, and wipe with warm cloth. Leave to air dry.


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