HERO Grinder FAQ’s

How to fill your HERO grinder

Firstly,i f you have pretty large buds, you will want to break off popcorn sized pieces and place them onto the blades of one side of the grinder. Avoid placing bud in the middle of the grinder, if you place them in the middle they will just squish and get stuck. Placing the buds along the sides is best. Then you will apply both the top and bottom of the grinder together and twist! Your busted goods will fall down into the next chamber for easy storage.

How to clean your grinder

We advise that you clean your grinder sparingly. And always be careful that you do not spill any of its contents. When  you are cleaning your grinder using certain tools will make your life a whole lot easier.  Clean mascara brushes, or any kind of small brush will aid you in cleaning your HERO grinder.

What makes a HERO Grinder

HERO grinders are 2.5″ in diameter and stand at 1.77″ tall, our HERO grinder is the perfect addition to your setup. Made with medical grade aluminum and with a new larger loading capacity. Busting is smooth, effortless and easy. Plus with a life long guarantee on the blades, you will not be disappointed with your HERO grinder!

HERO love <3

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