What Makes A Hero Grinder?

Hero Grinders are made with medical grade aluminum. This grinder is built to last and perfectly bust your bud time and time again!

HERO Grinder Designs

Our HERO grinder is made with premium grade aluminum. Designed to withstand even the toughest of buds, your new HERO Grinder is the perfect addition to your setup.

HERO Blades

Designed into every HERO Grinder are sharp blades guaranteed to slice and dice your bud to fluffy perfection.

“Super addition to my set up, I love that I have a keif catcher. I like to sprinkle it into my joints!”

Lorna. W


Hero Grinders

We offer medical grade aluminum grinders. This guy is built to grind, put him to work today!

Why Grind?

Grinding your bud pretty much guarantees an easy smoking experience. Grinding fluffs and busts, way more efficiently than hippie picking it apart!

HERO Grinder

Available in three colors; Champagne, Signature Black and Silver!

“Durable and strong, busting has never been so easy for me. Long gone are the days of hippie picking!”

Garry. R

Grind with us!