The Grind Diaries

“The velvet bag that was included with purchase has saved my scraper time after time again, I would have lost it by now!”

Stewart. H


“Love it! I never realized how much I was missing out on, I will grind on!”

Samantha, L


“Keifer catcher. My new BFF. I have been saving every little scraping of THC. I can’t wait!”

Leanna. P


“I love having my initials engraved into my grinder, seems so extravagant!”


Rennae. V


“I love the consistency of the bud after its been busted in my hero grinder. Super loose and fluffy, my joints never rolled so well!”

Robert. P


“Having a separate compartment for pre-busted bud is perfect for me. It allows easy transport, and no muss, no fuss.”


David. F


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